Our next launch Is in SEPTEMBER!!! This month is the MDARS committee meeting which will start at 10 AM on August 25th at Marie Callender's 1649 W. Avenue K in Lancaster, CA 93534 So it will NOT be at the Aerial Acres site on Forest Blvd and NOT start at 8:30am. :) Don't Come early and assist in the setup.

Remember: The site is desert. It is normally very dry. The temperatures can be HOT or COLD. Or BOTH in transition months!
Bring plenty of water no matter what. And a variety of clothing based on the time of year.

Below is the last mile or so map of Claymine Rd from Aerial Acres to the launch site. The last 1/4 mile or so is dirt but quite easy to navigate for virtually any vehicle. Getting directions to Aerial Acres, CA is a simple Internet map search and left as an exercise for the reader.

Currently MDARS does not have an onsite vendor. So bring em' if ya gotta em'. T-Shirts, Caps, and Golf Shirts are available for a minimum club donation.

Facilities are primitive. Remember it is the desert. Bring water and protein. And be prepared for hot, cold, wind, or anything inbetween.

We are Tripoli Mojave Desert - Prefecture #37

We are Tripoli Mojave Desert - Prefecture #37

MDARS welcomes rockets of all sizes (including LPR and MPR) with a concentration on High Powered Rocketry. We have pads that can handle almost any rocket. People seeking TRA Level 1 or 2 certifications are welcome but do contact the Prefect using the contact info here. Launches have up to a 22,000ft waiver. You should however check ahead with the Prefect. Again, contact info is on the Tripoli site. We conduct our launches in accordance with Tripoli standards.

Work in Progress

In time we'll have some links to photo galleries of our launches as well as a full calendar and contact information. If you need more information you can find contact info on the Tripoli Prefectures List